With You... Through Your Financial Journey


Risk Management

As part of the financial planning process, Anneliese will primarily survey risk management opportunities for individuals, and families, in the areas of Life, Disability, and Long-Term Care.

Anneliese will determine insurance needs, evaluate various insurance plans based on client needs and from a cost/benefit standpoint. She will also discuss with clients alternative methods of funding insurance premiums, and the need of insurance in retirement and estate planning.

Life Insurance:
Life insurance is among the most useful and most maligned of all the things that you may ever buy. If properly fitted to your needs and offered at a competitive price, life insurance yields important advantages, including:

  • income replacement for your survivors
  • investment/forced savings for you and possible collateral for your bankers
  • reduced income and transfer tax liability (in most cases)
  • a ready source of cash at a time when it's likely to be needed most
  • funding of buy/sell agreements and other business applications

Disability Insurance:
Throughout much of your life, the chances that you will become disabled are greater than the likelihood of sudden death. However, many more people have life insurance policies than they have disability policies.

Unlike a life insurance policy, which is primarily designed to provide a lump sum payment in the event of death, a disability policy provides income to an individual who becomes disabled because of an accident or illness. There are many kinds of disability policies that differ on how liberally or restrictively they define disability, how much periodic income they pay, how long you must wait (called the "elimination period") for payments to begin, and how long payments will go on.

Anneliese could help you prepare for a short- (or long-) term disability by securing insurance to replace your income. Note that you may have to purchase both short-term and long-term policies because many long-term policies don't begin providing benefits until you have been disabled for some period of time.

Long Term Care:
Long-term care can be very expensive. Many Americans are surprised to learn that Medicare and most health insurance plans, including Medigap policies (Medicare supplemental insurance), do not cover long-term care. The best way to pay for long-term care depends on personal finances and family circumstances. Deciding to buy a long-term care insurance policy is an important decision. These policies can help pay for many types of long-term care, but these are not for everyone. Anneliese will help you to compare the costs and benefits of policies from different insurance companies and put a plan in place now to help preserve both your savings and your peace of mind.