With You... Through Your Financial Journey


Pre and Post Retirement Planning

People planning for their retirement, or who are already retired, are faced with a bewildering array of plans, tax rules, and investment possibilities. Just sorting out what all the potential financial options are can be overwhelming. Anneliese simplifies the process by guiding clients through the entire planning process, from gathering the necessary financial facts and setting realistic goals, to investment and asset distribution strategies to meet income needs in retirement.

Pre Retirement Planning:
The process involves determining: When do you wish to retire? How much do you need to save to meet your goals given your current retirement asset base? What are your lifestyle choices and other factors?

Your goals, present savings, time horizon, risk profile, income need, and many other factors will be analyzed, and a realistic projection will be developed. You will learn what adjustments you need to make to your savings and spending now in order to make your retirement goals attainable.

Post Retirement Planning:
Anneliese will lay out investment and asset distribution strategies to assist in meeting income needs in retirement.

Qualified Plan Options:
If you are in transition between jobs or retiring, Anneliese could assist you in rolling over or determining other options for your qualified plan assets [ 401(k), 403(b) etc.] which could include employer stock. You could also obtain professional advice to assist you in determining which pension options would be appropriate given your financial circumstances.