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Group Qualified Retirement Plans:

Anneliese can assist in setting up and servicing qualified plans for small to mid sized institutions.

Establishing a retirement plan offers several benefits to business owners and professional practices:

  • Saves personal and corporate income taxes
  • Facilitates recruitment and retention of employees
  • Improves morale and performance
  • Provides the owner the ability to save for his/her own retirement
  • Increases the value of the business

The mission is to deliver simple, low cost plans.

Qualified Plans Available:

If you do not see the plan that meets your needs, just ask. Many benefit plans can be customized to meet a specific business situation.

  • 401(k)/Solo 401(k)
  • Profit Sharing Plans
  • 457 and deferred compensation plans
  • 412(i) aka: 412(e)(3)plans that work well for highly compensated small business owners and medical professionals
As the client, you will feel comfortable knowing that 'your financial planner' will work with you and for you!


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