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Fee Based Financial Planning:

Anneliese can assist you with all of your financial planning needs, including:

  • Budgeting and cash flow
  • Investment analysis
  • Funding education
  • Pre-retirement and/or post retirement planning
  • Group retirement plans and employee benefits
  • Estate planning
  • Business planning
  • Risk management

She can help with all of these areas, or just those you need assistance with right now. An important step in the process is helping you to identify and prioritize your goals. With these in mind, Anneliese carefully designs your personal blueprint, or financial plan, for success. Anneliese is known for the detail and quality of her financial plans. Nothing is an "off the shelf" template. Each plan is tailored to the exact needs of each business, non-profit, professional practice, individual or family. And finally, Anneliese works with clients to implement the plan, or "build the bridge" so that you reach your financial destination!

Another distinguishing aspect of working with Anneliese is that she does not work with proprietary investments and therefore does not have a vested interest in recommending a particular investment. Working as a registered representative and investment advisor representative of Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., Anneliese has access to the resources and expertise of nationally known, highly skilled investment professionals who are committed to a thorough and disciplined investment process. This allows her to select from diversified asset portfolios that will meet client needs and goals.

As market conditions and your business or life situations change, Anneliese will sit down with you to review your plan and make agreed upon adjustments. If desired, you can plan periodic reviews. Some clients opt for an update annually, some every couple of years, and others are satisfied with one plan. A review is not mandatory but is highly recommended.

Your plan should evolve as you pass through life's different stages. Goals may change from educating children to retirement planning, downsizing your home or making other changes to your estate. Updating the plan can keep you abreast of new strategies and is usually accomplished at a lower cost.

As with the initial plan, a contract will be prepared with a stated fee for services so that you always know your costs up front.


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