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Estate Planning:

Anneliese helps clients in understanding the importance of planning for the eventual transfer of their estates to their spouses, children, other heirs and beneficiaries. Remember, if you do not do your own estate planning, your state of residence has a plan for you and you may not like the results!

Anneliese will review existing estate planning documents such as Wills and Durable Powers of Attorney, Trust documents etc. She also helps clients understand more complex estate planning tools, assists them in choosing their estate attorney and working with their estate attorney if requested. Some of the areas where she could work with you and for you are:

  • Converting a regular IRA into a Roth IRA -a powerful estate planning tool
  • Setting up a IRA that can last for generations
  • Reviewing beneficiary designations
  • Gifting high-growth potential taxable assets now vs. waiting for step up in basis at death of surviving spouse
  • Trusts, including Generation Skipping Trusts, GRATS, and QTIP Trusts
  • Education gifting for children and grandchildren, including use of Section 529 plans
  • Charitable Remainder & Lead Trusts
  • Planning for business transitions


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